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Buy New Kawasaki Crotch Rocket or Other Motorcycles or Vehicles through Costco

When I was in Costco recently I noticed they now have a Kawasaki flier picturing most if not all of the Kawasaki products including crotch rockets and other motorcycles.  I guess it hadn't occurred to me before that you can now buy new Kawasaki crotch rocket or other motorcycles and recreational vehicles including jet skis and quads and other ATVs through Costco.  It looks like any vehicle that Kawasaki makes could be purchased thought Costco's Auto Program.

Costco Auto Program

This is through their Costco Auto program so not just cars apparently can be purchased.  I don't know if they have any other brand names besides Kawasaki in their loan program but may be worth a look.

Basically what the flier says is that they have low prearranged pricing on new Kawasaki motorcycle or power sport products and they will also accept pre orders-- I guess that means on new models or upcoming models that aren't yet out.

As an additional incentive with the purchase is a $250 Costco cash card - if a survey is completed after the purchase of the motorcycle or crotch rocket or other vehicle.  They also offer 20% off on all sport bikes and motorcycle parts accessories and apparel right at the time of purchasing the motorcycle except sale items.

Crotch Rocket Review and Opinion

Of course this won't work on a used vehicle but if you are going to buy a new Kawasaki crotch rocket or motorcycle and are not planning to pay cash and need to get a loan this may be the way to go…. through their auto program. This probably would be essentially a loan through a dealer working through Costco such as cars are.  I bought a Toyota 4 Runner one year through Costco and worked with a dealer's fleet manager and thought I got a good deal.

If you're buying your first crotch rocket you want to make sure and buy a used one first to learn on and get the feel for.  Damages to new crotch rockets can be expensive to repair and scrapes and crashes can come easily. So resist the urge for buying brand new.  Or alternatively borrow someone's crotch rocket to fully practice on.  But make sure you feel comfortable getting used to the ride and feel before you buy. The ride is quite different from the typical cruiser. There are many crotch rockets for sale.  Look on Craigslist for a start and then go to your newspaper classified ads.

Otherwise you can check out or buy new Kawasaki crotch rocket through Costco auto program. Crotch Rockets - Motorcycles  

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