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Crotch Rocket Features

Crotch rocket features are quite different from the features you'll find on cruisers. Crotch rockets, which are actually sport bikes, and also known as superbikes, crotchrockets or just plain "rockets", are often the choice of riders who are looking for speed.  They are really the fastest things on wheels you can buy.  They're designed and manufactured to perform!  And the crotch rocket has features that are plush and pure luxury besides.

Crotch Rocket Features Explained in Simple Terms:

What Are The Features on Crotch Rockets?:

Handlebars:  The handlebars are typically low on the rocket forcing you to lean your upper body forward.  By doing so it reduces wind resistance.

Fairings:  Fairings are the molded fiberglass piece that covers the front of the sport bike and on other motorcycles. However the fairings on crotch rockets are aerodynamic meaning the bike can accelerate faster because the air flows around the bike.  Fairings are usually made of plastic, fiberglass or other lightweight materials.

Brakes:  You'll find the crotch rocket brakes are powerful.  They come specially equipped with dual disc brakes in font and they have a single disc brake in the rear.

Seats:  The seat is specially designed and raised keeping the rider from slipping back when accelerating rapidly.

Rear Wheel:  You'll notice that the rear wheel is wider than the front wheel. The motorcycle engine actually drives the rear wheel nicely. Because the rear tire is wider it actually has more contact with the road or pavement than a narrow wheel, which gives it more power and can help give you faster acceleration.

Crotch Rocket Tires: Crotch rockets used for street riding have tread that is good for dry and wet weather.  Two kinds of tires are used by racers however.  In dry weather racers use slicks, which are tires without any tread. This helps them stick to the pavement.  Tires with tread are used if the weather is rainy or wet.  Water can escape better under the tire with these.

Crotch Rocket Engines:  Most rockets have 600-cc or 1000-cc in-line-four engines.  In-line-four means they have a formation of four cylinders lined up in a row.  These engines can help deliver power so the bikes can go from zero to 60 miles per hour (97 kilometers) in three seconds or thereabouts. Expect the bikes to be able to go up to 150 miles per hour. (241 kilometers)

The crotch rocket engine will run at very high revolutions per minute or RPMs. The engine can be revved up more than the motorcycle cruiser engine can.  It will also accelerate faster as the RPMSs rise and can reach a much higher speed when you lay on it.

Crotch Rocket Frame: The most common frame is called a twin-spar chassis.  There are two beams that join the steering head.  This is attached to the swing arm pivot bolt usually in a short distance.  This reduces bending and twisting of the frame.  Underneath the frame sits the engine which makes for a good balance overall.  Titanium and aluminum are used for the chassis instead of heavier steel to keep the weight of the rocket down. 

Sport Bike Weight:  370 to 500 pounds (168 to 227 kilograms).  Cruisers usually weigh more than 600 pounds (272 kilograms) but crotch rockets need to be lighter.

Crotch rocket features are unique to sport bikes and often are preferred by many riders to cruisers. The bikes can be expensive so make sure to know what feature so want before you buy so you get the power and features you are looking for. Crotch Rockets - Motorcycles


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